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We support young athletes!

Progress Consulting is pleased to announce that it has sponsored the Junior Volleyball Team of Chełmiec Aqua Zdrój Wałbrzych, year 2003. First, in consultation with the Trainers’ Team, we had the pleasure to equip our young athletes with outstanding new outfits. We are planning further activities by investing in our young talents, as always, wishing them nothing but a lot of success.

Team successes are not only about hard work of the whole team on local soil. Our players honed their skills supervised not only by our own coaches, but also under the watchful eye of specialists of the voivodeship and Poland. Several players, including: Miłosz Baran, Dominik Płużka, Wiktor Mordarski, Dawid Szymków, Dawid Witek, Jakub Szwed, and Oliwier Mroziński, regularly took part in the training camps of the Lower Silesian National Hope Olympic Team in 2003. Among them, three players qualified for the first team Lower Silesia.

After the end of the season in June, our team took part in the international NETTO REGENTAL CUP volleyball tournament in Germany in Regenstauf. They competed with teams from Europe. 18 teams from the year 2003 took part in the tournament. Our players did not give their rivals a chance. In the international arena, they won all matches, ultimately winning 1st place.

In the 2018/2019 season, then, as the Junior Cadet, we took the fourth place in Lower Silesia, which gave us promotion to ¼ of the Polish Championships. At the quarter-final tournament of the Polish Championships in Nowy Sącz, we took third place.

The 2019/2020 season, which continues, promises to be very promising.

From September 2019, in the cadet category, after having played 10 rounds, the team takes 1st place in the table. 10 matches and 10 wins.

The end of the Cadets competition in Lower Silesia is planned for February 14-16, 2020. Then the medals will be awarded.

Then, the drawing of groups and the first three teams from Lower Silesia will go to ¼ of the Polish Championships.


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