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Advantages of using our services:

  • Reduction of fixed costs
  • Faster response to fluctuating customer orders
  • Compensation of employees absence
  • Freeing up time for the key customer process

Employee leasing

Equipment and machinery rental

Latest technologies

A wide selection of products


Progress Consulting For Industry, as a guarantee of the best solutions for clients, implements innovative technological products, including:

  • Digitization in industry
  • Exoskeletons for workers for ergonomics improvement
  • Intelligent line crossing monitoring and control system
  • Automatic quality control systems
  • Yamazumi / ANDON production results tracking
  • Intelligent safety mats
  • Other solutions provided according to specific customer requirements


Since 2005, we have been continuously serving the production and logistics sectors, although not under the same corporate title. Numerous companies from the manufacturing industry create an environment of cooperation and innovation with us, cooperating in the field of brokering with the Central European Chamber of Commerce. We are able to execute an order while optimizing costs and time, we can provide contact with a community of expert companies that others can only dream of

A wide range of suppliers

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Service outsourcing



5S services



Positioning of industrial trucks and AGVs



Industrial climbing

Packaging management





Storage and sequential deliveries





IoT sensors



Intelligent Monitoring



Automatic quality control



Vending machines



Feeders, racks



Signal mats



Our team

Sebastian Bruździak

Chairman of the Board

Piotr Pelczar

Attorney at. Law, Head of Legal

Sławomir Sałata

Logistics Processes Specialist Logistics Area

Ewelina Kardel

Senior HR and Payroll Specialist

Damian Bruździak

Senior Team Leader
Outsourcing Area

Bartosz Ferčák

Shift Leader
Outsourcing Area

Jędrzej Pelc

Team Leader
Outsourcing Area

Our partners


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Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland Sp. z o.o. credentials


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